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See what other people are saying about our Aspenwood apartments! At Aspenwood Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


I have been here for 9 years and would recommend Aspenwood Apartments to any of my family or friends. I needed a bottom floor because of medical reasons and was put in a ground floor apartment by the office. They have a pool that I can enjoy taking all of my grandbabies to and know they are safe When I tell maintenance I have any problems they order what they need and repair things as soon as possible. The neighbor's have been awesome also. My grandkids can go out to play and be safe on the property because we all are looking out for each others children. I like it here and plan on this being the last residence I may need. I have a few pets and they have been treated awesome! I have a little dog that darts out the door and is really fast. When it happens a bunch of kids catch it for me. I also have a large macaw that is real loud. She yells, screaches, and she will talk to people. Very pet friendly!


Tyson the maintenance supervisor what a nice personable guy. On top of everything. Thankyou Izzy and DeAndre for taking care of biz and being so awesome to me!


Great team!




I lived in these apartments for two years (Jan. 2015 - Jan. 2017). I found them to be actually pretty nice. I know, many people have left poor reviews here, but I wanted to give them an honest review. As follows is my experience here. The main manager, D'Andre I believe his name is, is one kick ass dude. Seriously, I only interacted with him ten or so times during my time living in these apartments, but the guy is super positive, always willing to help and way understanding if you can meet him halfway - even still, he's the kind of person that will go above and beyond to make sure you're happy. The rest of the management team... I don't have many good things to say about them. There were two or three other people that worked there during those two years and they were unpleasant, and lazy (Frequently the office was closed thirty minutes ahead of their posted hours, which made paying rent a pain in the ass sometimes). I didn't interact with them much, but there are better employees to be had for sure - C'mon D'Andre, you can do better than that! The apartments are way outdated, don't have a dishwasher and mold can be a problem. HOWEVER, the one I lived in was well-maintained, given it's age (my buddy's mother lived in these apartments back in her mid 20's). They are REALLY spacious, tons of cupboard room, etc. There is a laundry facility on site, but there is something like two sets of washer and dryers so obviously they are always full. My two bedroom apartment had a big storage room that doubled as a laundry room, so I was super thankful for that. The patio/decks are bigger than most other apartments too! The only incident I can think of is a neighbor (below us) filed a noise complaint against us once; we were super quiet because my brother and I worked bizarre hours and we wanted to be courteous, so it was kind of annoying that one would be filed against us. Later that day, our next door neighbor admitted fault and management was quick to rescind the complaint against us. The people below us were not liked by most of the people in the building, but there are always pissy people like them at any apartment you'll live in. The rest of the tenants were super cool. There was this one family that always sat out on their front patio, smoking a cigarette or whatever, and would just say hi and ask about your day - pretty laid back environment, despite being smack in the heart of WVC. It's a good place - especially when in regards to it's location. I would recommend them for anyone looking for a cheap place, with little expectation, who likes a 'mind your own business' kind of mindset (in my opinion, a very good thing as far as apartments go). The move in and move out process was painless and we weren't charged for any trivial things. I actually miss my time here, believe it or not!




I lived here for 3 years, we personally loved it. It was always clean and management was awesome when I was there. They always got things done within a few days of asking and if we knew we were gonna be late they worked with us. There was a roach problem, but what apartment complex isn't going to have that problem?


The apartments could use a little more updating but I will admit when ever there was an issue that needed fixing the maintenance supervisor was on top of it. To see someone care about their work is rare to come by these days.

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